Little Uglys-Bop N Beep (Pink/Yellow) NEW!

Bop n' Beep love to do everyting together. Be it an arguement over snacks, which movie to see, or what color race car not to drive, they always see things quite differently from one another. Bop gets along really well with Ox (they see things X to X) while Beep happens to think Wedgehead really knows his stuff. (just stuff, you know.) So hey are Bop n' Beep really attached to each other, or are they just really good pals? They got each others backs Jack! Now they just need you to play referee. BOP N' BEEP IS ONE TWO SIDED PLUSH CHARACTER. LITTLE UGLY BOP N' BEEP IS 7" TALL.

Model: 54091
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Little Uglys-Bop N Beep (Pink/Yellow) NEW!