MACK Granite Low Loader w/ JCB Backhoe

Load the backhoe onto this brand-new MACK truck and move to the next job! Truck and detachable trailer feature fifth wheel clutch, removable side gates, fold-down ramps held by chains to unhook, folding mirrors, opening doors, a folding support bar, a locking device and a tilting cab with viewable engine underneath. The included JCB Backhoe Loader has a fully-functional front loader and backhoe that moves up and down and swings side to side. It features stabilizer legs and a seat that spins around. All of the MACK truck cabs are compatible with the implements designed for the front of the trucks, like the mower and snow plow. Dimensions: 36.8"L x 7.8"W x 10.4"H

Model: 02813
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MACK Granite Low Loader w/ JCB Backhoe