Mack Granite Winter Service with snow Plough

BRUDER welcomes a new member to its truck product family with its latest version of the MACK Granite Snow Plow, known for its bulldog logo, quality, and indestructibility. The "incredibly" realistic driver's cabin features doors that can be opened, a tilting engine hood which provides a full view of the engine block, folding side-view mirrors, and the many add-on accessories which give these trucks their chrome look. Also check out the Pennsylvania license plate and MACK mud guards. The MACK Granite Trucks are a feast for the eyes of every truck fan. Features on the MACK Snow Plow include a refillable tank which can open and close perfect for clean sand or salt. A fully functional gritter with feeding screw, which has a on and off lever which allows sand or salt to pour out at will. The usage of sand or salt makes this the perfect year round truck. The gritter can be tipped up for transport, as well as cleaning. Alongside the gritter is a movable ladder. The plow is not to be believed. It is wide, adjustable and detachable - able to push even the thickest pile of snow aside to provide passable lanes. Dimensions of the MACK Granite Snow Plow are: 25.8"x 7.3"x10.8"

Model: 02816
Shipping Weight: 6.25lbs
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Mack Granite Winter Service with snow Plough