Maxi Kick Scooter

The award winning Maxi Kickboard, or maxi kick scooter from Micro is the quality 3-wheel scooter for ages 6-11, with a rider load of up to 120 lbs. The maxi kickboard is a lightweight (5 lbs) scooter that will grow with your child; the steering bar extends from 24 inches above the deck to 36 inches. The unique lean-and-steer design allows your child to ‘surf the sidewalks’. The double rear wheels and rear brake add stability and control making the maxi scooter a smoother, cooler, tougher scooter.

The maxi kick scooter comes with either a T-bar or pilot stick. The T-bar allows a child to balance more easily, while the pilot stick provides optimal performance and handling unmatched by other products! Visit our homepage to reference the entirety of our award-winning kick scooters.

Model: 60429
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Maxi Kick Scooter